Cardboards exchange is an open project that invites artists to respond to another artist’s work

Wherever they might be.

An exchange of image thoughts that can be both text or image based that must always be made and presented on found cardboard.

Every work responds to the other/s work, to the site or context, to the material, and to the creators inner impulses generated within the exchange.

The exchange maybe frank but respectful.

These are street art works that exist in and for a place. They are ephemeral, uninvited, wholly discardible.

This simple, recyclable material reenters circulation altered by the artist’s hand.

There are four simple rubrics for exchanging cardboards:


The work is only as elaborate as the artist feels fit. Cardboards are ephemeral and will inevitably be destroyed, thrown away, re-consumed.


The work should respond in some way to another cardboard and/or to cardboard site.


The cardboard should either be made for a specific place, or be placed in a specific site that suggests other correspondences with the cardboard.


Cardboards should attempt to be readable as Image or Text for a wider audience (passerby, long distance viewers). Other language is not a barrier but an invitation to intervene…

TO  MAKE  A  CARDBOARD/S EXCHANGE  PLEASE  CONTACT  US: see contacts/links page for information.

THERE ARE FIVE BROAD SITE CATEGORIES – river/sea, forest/mountain, night/elsewhere, city/town, highway/byway